It Is Time To Unite!


Worldwide Kindness Community, has a mission to connect those who wish for, work for, have a passion to be an instrument for peace and kindness in our world. This mission is to help these people find the funding that they need to make this impact. This web site and marketing must meet the demand of this mission.

Making this mission work requires more than prayer, more than planning and more than action; it requires a concerted effort of a team, technology and partners to have a prayer of working. We need partners to be the catalyst necessary to truly make the impact this soul and we all need. Thank you for your consideration.

It Is Time To Unite - Worldwide Kindness Community

As I watched national and international news this morning, the morning after the U.S. Presidential election, I observed a hopefulness that is being felt around the world. However founded or unfounded the reality of this feeling may be it but a choice each of us has to allow it to be so. Will you make your Choice to Unite in Kindness?

The world is awakening to Kindness