A Case for Hope by Peter Diamandis

Onstage at TED2012, Peter Diamandis makes a case for optimism — that we’ll invent, innovate and create ways to solve the challenges that loom over us. “I’m not saying we don’t have our set of problems; we surely do. But ultimately, we knock them down.”

Editor: If we but realize the abundance that is already ours, that we can innovate, that we are a superlative and that our reach is far greater than we could possibly imagine, at the moment, the wars will cease, that anger, depression, fear and lack will evaporate. We would also realize that there is no need for hierarchy, enforcement, government or legislatures. Simply because the abundance that is available to all would be withheld by none. Share a warm, sincere smile with everyone that you greet!

Peter Diamandis runs the X Prize Foundation, which offers large cash incentive prizes to inventors who can solve grand challenges like space flight, low-cost mobile medical diagnostics and oil spill cleanup. He is the chair of Singularity University, which teaches executives and grad students about exponentially growing technologies.  9:38 for introduction to new fresh water technology that will revolutionize world access to drinking water.