The Birth of the Enlightenment


Birth 2012 – Let’s Co-Create a Global Birth Day


Please join the Birth 2012 movement and become a part of an inspiring “planetary Birth Day” event on December 22 that we believe will reach tens of millions of people. Here’s an overview of our vision: Envision 100 million people uniting around the world to honor the birth of a new era for humanity – a historic day of global unity accompanied by love and celebration.
Join the global movement to create a planetary Birth Day celebration and webcast on Dec. 22 with 100 million people to mark the start of a new era for humanity! Events are activating around the world.

World Service spreading kindness worldwide

There is a divine Plan for our planet; we are not following an uncharted course. But for many years this Plan has been interrupted by the separatism, selfishness and materialism of many people. This condition has created an interruption within the flow of spiritual life and a disruption within the working out of the Plan. Now we are reaching a critical mass wherein a sufficient number of people are awakening to the need to restore a balance in our world that comes out upon the side of spiritual values–broadly defined as a recognition of the oneness of Humanity and all life forms. This group is not concerned with and has no outer affiliation but is rather a loose subjective grouping, across all the many fields of human endeavor. The purpose of the group is fourfold:

  1.  to hold the vision before humanity, for without vision the people perish
  2. to synthesize and integrate all constructive activity as a demonstration of the Glory of the One
  3. to free the prisoners of the planet
  4. to to work in the interludes, so keeping the Plan progressing

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