The Worldwide Kindness Community is the place for all those who have been given a vision of ‘sacred property,’ & higher consciousness community centers to share those visions with the world. By bringing forth the vision that has been given to so many around the United States and the world, we will bring validation and encouragement to one another. There are a handful with this general vision that are known, but it is believed that there are hundreds, if not thousands, that have tapped into this Conscious Current. By coming together as one voice we may grow this ‘field’ of sacred community and thereby attract the abundance of Universe to supply the needs of sacred community worldwide.

If you have a vision of sacred community or know that you are a part of a sacred community in any area, connect with us through this website, spread the word and keep the intention of sacred community in the pureness of your prayers. Join us in growing the move of Kindness throughout the world.

If you are a Foundation and are interested in the Worldwide Kindness Community concept, please contact us with either general financial aide or specific financial aide for a community of choice. Contact: to begin discussion of your thoughts. Thank you!

Blessings of Pure Abundance Always!

Johan Miller for the Worldwide Kindness Community (click here for flyer to share)

Below is an example of what many who have received a vision from spirit about sacred community have or are experiencing:

Hi Johan, I’m not astute on computers, my daughter posted my picture. I would love to e-mail GoodWorks slide presentation that tells all. We have found the perfect place in Leiper’s Fork to begin our operation, now we have to raise money and find someone to buy it for us. We are a 501 (c) 3 not for profit. The story behind the story is pretty interesting and one I would like to tell but unsure how to go about it, perhaps you can guide me. I already envision you and Shirlee coming to teach. What I have to overcome now is I have put everything I have into getting us this far and in 6 weeks will be completely out of money and I mean completely. There is so much good what will come from this, I have only to manifest the means. Any assistance or guidance you can offer is gratefully accepted. Peace, Connie W.