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Corporate new ways of thinking about how to relate to community are arising.


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Pepsi’s “Refresh Project’

Purina’s One Hope Network

Smart Start Giving
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New creative ways of injecting money into social issues rather than corporate advertising campaigns is gaining interest in the new consciousness business structures.

“I hope corporations will dedicate a percentage of their top innovators’ time to issues that could help people left out of the global economy. This kind of contribution is even more powerful than giving cash or offering employees’ time off to volunteer. It is a focused use of what your company does best. It is a great form of creative capitalism, because it takes the brainpower and makes life better for the richest, and dedicates some of it to improving the lives of everyone else.” –Bill Gates

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg – The 26-year-old Internet tycoon, with a net worth estimated by Forbes magazine at $6.9 billion, made his first major charitable donation, pledging $100 million over the next five years to help Newark’s struggling schools, which are in such sad shape that they were taken over by the state in the 1990s. (see the story)

Whole Foods is here now: “Microcredit can be a very effective tool for lifting people out of poverty – even right here in the United States. Check out some of the projects funded by Whole Planet Foundation in New York City!”

And conferences like:

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