Leiper’s Fork lies 30 miles south of Nashville. If you are interested, you might check out the Leiper’s Fork website,, it shows the area we are working to preserve. If you go to the Gallery, the 5th slide titled, “an old fashioned garden .” is
my current residence. Leiper’s Fork lies 30 miles south of Nashville and is populated with many who work in the music business, musicians, songwriters, producers and behind the scenes folks. I am a member of Leadership Music, even though my tenure in the biz was short and peripheral, so we have some connections there and once we are actualized, we will draw on many in that community for support.

It’s exciting to connect with like-minded spirits, I feel our retreat is the perfect place for you to come to teach. The property will be ready in about 6 weeks and I will be out of money then, too, so it’s an interesting juxtaposition. Our plan is to move in over the summer and prepare for classes, workshops and seminars to start in the fall. We will be putting up pictures of the place soon.

Everything is in place except the money to go forward. I believe there is an angel or “flock of angels” out there who will purchase the house to lease w/option to buy. I have the advice of a wonderful tax and royalties guy working with us, the law firm represents Keith Urban and Taylor Swift among others.

I have studied and practiced manifestation and don’t know what is missing to bring it forth. As you know, I believe this is a task that was given to me so have trusted to the point that I have continued to push forward, against the advice of some because I believe it is up to a power greater than I. Some days (today) it’s difficult to stay focused and not go down the “what if . ” path. Please keep me in your prayers and if you can offer guidance, I am open.

Let me know if you can open the show and what you think.

Connie Westfall